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05 June 2016

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Home News How to become a SAP consultant

How to become a SAP consultant

How to become a SAP consultant

Obtain SAP Training & Certification. Choose a SAP module and get a certification from an authorized SAP training partner. SAP training is expensive but it’s worth the investment

Join a consulting company If you have good business/domain knowledge (and want to learn SAP ?) , you could consider joining a IT consultancy company like IBM , Deloitte , Infosys etc as a junior consultant.

Join as a Trainee or in SAP support You can consider joining a company which has SAP implemented and work as a Trainee or support personnel. The company may later sponsor your SAP certification and training. The trick here is to find such a company and convince them to hire you

Join SAP Project as a non-SAP person. Many SAP projects require skills outside of SAP. For instance, lots of project require a data conversion individual. If you are good in database and SQL , you might considering joining the project and later teach yourself SAP

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